Landscaping in Rye from CoastalFor every homeowner, landscaping is a must. It adds value and beauty to your home as well as privacy where you want it. Your landscaping vision must begin with a plan as your entire landscaping eco-system must compliment one other to bring out the overall affect and benefits to your home and your yard.

  • You will need some paper to design and plan out each individual landscaping zone for your yard. Begin with mapping the entire property. This will include marking all of your existing landscaping situations such as trees, shrubs, flowers and natural barriers or obstructions.
  • Also include such areas as a deck or a patio and even a children’s play area or pool as well as walkways. Notice how your current landscaping is affecting all of those living spaces. Try and coordinate what you will be trying to do with those areas and notice how what you plan to do will affect all of your other areas.
  • Always make a couple of final landscaping designs and bring in your professional landscaper to assist with these plans and drawings. Their expertise will be invaluable in the development of what you want to do.
  • Choose a final sketch design that you like best and begin to put it onto your master plan for action. Again, your landscaping professional will be able to work with you so that you can account for proper drainage, slopes and any possible grading needed.
  • Your master plan should include the type of flowers and foliage that will be added. It must also include what materials you will need to bring it about including fertilizer, rocks, patio blocks, extra dirt, mulch and even fencing. When you begin this important landscaping project, it is vital to begin with a plan that will affect the long term value of your home and property.
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