Salisbury landscaping from CoastalMany home owners have begun to explore options with regard to their lawn care. The first, it seems, is whether or not to have as much lawn as has been traditionally enjoyed. In many parts of the country, water has become less plentiful and many are looking for alternatives to the vast expense of green.

  • As every professional landscaper knows, the modern day American lawn requires much care and upkeep. A great looking lawn requires tender care, plenty of water as well as fertilizers and insecticides.
  • There are certain alternatives to having so large an expanse of lawn if you wish. One way to actually keep all the lawn you have is to use more hardy and drought resistant species of grasses such as the many different varieties of fescues.
  • You can put together a plan with your landscaper to break up your huge lawn. Some ideas include adding gravel or small stones with rocks to create small islands everywhere that will include bushes and, perhaps drought resistant plants or even a few more small trees.
  • Again, flowers and shrubs are great for breaking up the expanse and will add a touch of color to your landscaping. Also, decks, walkways, and patios can be brought out into the yard to create little havens all around your property.
  • In the end, however, you just may wish to keep much of your traditional lawn. Having a lawn has many advantages over the long run. Lawns prevent soil erosion as well as create areas for recreation and play. In addition, your lawn acts as a water filter when it absorbs many of the toxins and pollutants from the rainwater as well as negating many pollutants found in the air around your home.
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