Coastal LandscapingAfter a long and brutal New England winter, your yard will need some heavy landscaping and maintenance work as the spring arrives. Your landscaping professional well knows that getting your yard in shape for the coming summer season can be a challenge.

One of your first challenges to tend to are the condition of your perennials. Normally, they may just push themselves up after a heavy fall mulching but not always. Consult your landscaping specialist with regard to the condition of your soil. If it has begun to thaw, you may want to begin the job of removing the heavy mulch layers so that your perennials will have an easy time of it.

You may want to begin to think about getting a jump on the prevention of crabgrass, which tends to pop up in May, and on your pruning and planting. These can be a matter of correct timing and your landscaping professional will know when the proper time has arrived. The prevention of crabgrass takes skill and preparation. With regard to your pruning, you must try and understand your reasons for pruning. Are you eliminating dead growth? Are you wishing to reshape them? The late winter or very early into the spring is the best time to consider pruning your trees, bushes and shrubs.

Another consideration you should have for your landscaping maintenance is to get your landscaping professional to check the grade of your soil around your house and foundation. A proper grading and planting may help to prevent moisture and water from getting into your basement.

Fertilizing is another important project to be done in the spring. Your yard trees must be fertilized in the spring if you are to expect healthy growth from them during this season. The same goes for all of your shrubs and bushes. Putting a plan together with your landscaping specialist will go a long way in getting your yard in tip top shape to be enjoyed for the summer season.

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