Hampton landscaping from CoastalFall landscaping cleanup and maintenance is all about the coming of the glorious spring. Now is the time to prepare your yard, and your landscaping, to ensure that your yard will be the neighborhood’s show piece next year.

  • Perhaps your largest project will be the fall lawn preparation. The first two things you will need to check on is the condition of your soil and whether or not you want to apply some herbicides to any lingering weeds that may have sprung up over the course of the summer and early autumn. Your landscaping services professional can determine what weed strategy will be right for you and they can test your soil. If the alkalinity of your soil is too high, then you will have to lay down some sulfur. Too much acid in your soil and you will need to apply a serious coating of lime.
  • De-thatching your lawn is always a good idea as a hardy raking will remove any lingering deadness and it may be a good landscaping idea to aerate some or all of your soil. Your landscaping services professional can come in and examine your lawn to determine if the soil is too compact and hardened. If so, a good aeration of the problem areas will allow your lawn to breathe and to come in that much stronger in the spring.
  • You will, also, have to rake or blow all of the leaves that fall to prevent your lawn from suffocating throughout the long winter. Also, when mowing in the fall, you may want to move your blade a half inch or so higher before you determine when you might put down your fall fertilizer.
  • In addition, you may want to put all of those leaves to work for you when planning your fall landscaping strategy. Leaves can make excellent compost as well as a finely mown mulch to be added to your flower beds, beneath your trees and in your vegetable gardens.
  • Get together with your landscaping services professional so you can determine what bushes and trees might need a good trimming to stimulate growth for the spring season. And, finally, get serious about weeding. The more you eliminate all of the dead and possibly diseased elements in all of your landscaping, especially your flower and vegetable beds, the more of a head start you will have on pest control come the spring.

Fall cleanup is vital to the health of all of your landscaping and will ensure a more glorious eruption of color in the spring. Now is the time to meet with your landscaping services professional to determine exactly what you will need to bring your yard to wondrous life after the long cold winter has finally bid us adieu.

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