Salisbury landscaping from CoastalIn preparing for your spring time landscaping projects, flowering shrubs can add just the right color and just the right height to compliment any outdoor project. While the largest choice of flowering shrubs will certainly be in the spring, there are some perennial favorites that should dot every home landscape.

  • The forsythia is, perhaps one of the hardiest of all flowering shrubs. They will thrive just about anywhere and grow and spread quickly. Their bright yellow blooms simply explode with their announcement that spring has finally arrived. After their bloom period, the leaves will turn a lush green and your forsythia’s will provide a perfect border if you prefer a more natural look to your landscaping.
  • Lilacs will make their presence known toward the end of the blooming season. They are, however, worth the wait. Their burst of blue’s and purple’s and the overwhelming fragrance are a must for any flowering shrub spring landscaping plan. They come in the traditional Wedgewood blue color and, if allowed to thrive, can become small trees. They thrive in the full sun of spring and summer and can make a beautiful border for any yard.
  • Rhododendrons are another solid choice for a flowering shrub to be worked into your overall landscape design. The can get to eight feet in height and are a virtual magnet for hummingbirds. They thrive in both full sun and in acidic soil.
  • Azaleas are, too, one of the hardiest of shrubs and can survive up to minus 40 degrees. They, too, will bring the butterflies and hummingbirds. They will, also, continue to acquire new growth and blooms all through their season.
  • Now is the time to meet with your landscaping professional to plan that new look for spring. Having an early plan for flowers and shrubs can make the spring season flow and come alive sooner than you may have expected.
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