Newburyport landscaping from CoastalWith winter nearly upon New England, now is the perfect time to put together some new landscape designs for your front yard. How has your curb appeal been the last few years or so? Is it time to, perhaps, put some spring spice into your front yard?

  • Your immediate landscape designs need to make an immediate decision with regard to your thoughts on privacy. Will your front yard be a landscape masterpiece for everyone to enjoy as they go by or will you rather shield yourself from passersby? While simply erecting a fence composed of lattice work or even stockade, many homeowners have opted to go with a living type of barrier composed of trees, bushes and shrubs. It makes your front yard look alive and attractive while keeping your privacy and providing a noise barrier as well.
  • Another possible landscape design project is your driveway. Few homeowners tend to give even a second thought to their driveway but a fresh look will add a whole new aura to the front of your house. Some possible stonework at the entrance as well as a new finish on the driveway itself will revive an old and tired driveway. In addition, the entrance will come alive with some new and colorful trees and flowering bushes as well as, perhaps, a border of bright spring color running up either side of the driveway itself.
  • Can you enhance the front yard with some stone or flagstone on your walkways and front door entrance? Perhaps some granite? How will your landscape design handle these walkways? Will they be direct and leading to a particular door or will they meander? Bushes and flowers on either side of the front door entry will add luster and eye appeal.

There are so many ways you and your landscape designer can find new ways to make your front yard a true show piece of the neighborhood. Now is the time to plan and budget so you and your landscape designer can hit the ground running come the first sign of spring.

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