Hampton landscaping design from CoastalNew England weather can be rather unpredictable at times so designing a landscaping plan for the new season needs to include some plants and flowers that are hearty and easily adaptable to almost all conditions. Your new landscaping design can include those that will not only make your yard shine but will be nearly impossible to destroy.

  • One of the legends of adaptability is the hosta. It can survive, and thrive, most anywhere in even the harshest and unfriendly of environments. One of the other great things about the hosta is that they come in a variety of stripes as well as greens and whites. You could totally ignore them all season long and you will end up with far more than you started with. They grow quickly and can be easily divided and they make for attractive borders.
  • The daylily has been a hearty, and colorful, favorite forever. They come in a huge variety of colors and spread and grow like the proverbial wildfire. There may even come a time when you can’t keep up with their expansion. Similar to the daylily is the iris which, again, needs almost no maintenance and multiplies quickly. Keep an eye out, though, deer have, long ago, discovered what a special treat daylilies can be.
  • Peonies are a perennial favorite and a landscaping staple. They need no care at all and thrive anywhere and in all conditions. These beautiful annuals can live for more than twenty years and don’t grow as thickly as hosta and daylily so you won’t have to worry about having to divide them anytime soon.
  • One of the great wonders of New England is the legendary Black eyed Susan. They are colorful and untamed and will spread everywhere to bring color and a sense of the peaceful meadow to your yard. Their roots run deep and can be quite thick. They can easily be divided and spread around to mix and match with your other plants, flowers, and colors throughout your property.

Now is the time to try and get a handle on your landscaping vision for the coming spring. Sure, the annuals will make their usual yearly appearance. However, if you want to add some hearty variety, as well as less maintenance time, you may want to consider some of these more durable varieties.

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