Salisbury landscaping from CoastalPeople tend to make a million New Year’s resolutions but few seem to actually accomplish any of them. Perhaps it is time to change the focus a bit. What are your yard and landscaping plans for the coming season? Is it time for a whole new look and feel to your yard or your business property?

  • Meet with you landscaping services professional and begin to jot down ideas for a different look and feel. If you are looking to introduce some new plants and foliage, as well as add some colors with new flowers, you must be able to plan ahead. You need to know what will thrive where you are so as to not put in foliage and flowers that will do poorly despite your high hopes.
  • Putting in a fresh new patio constructed of brick or stone will add a touch of class as will a possible water situation such as a fountain, waterfall, or small fish pond. These new and beautiful aesthetics will make your yard stand out and allow for a more creative surrounding.
  • Is this year finally the year you get your landscaping service to tend to your trees? Is it time to take care of those hanging branches that are causing an injury hazard? What about those dead trees and branches? Giving your trees a good pruning will do wonders for the trees and wonders for the eye pleasing factor of your yard. Trimming the crowns will also enlarge your canopy and bring more sunlight to your ground efforts.
  • Sure you want the freshness, bloom and color of an explosive spring design but what about the fall? Try and integrate some fall plants, shrubs, and flowers that will naturally come to the fore as the seasons change. Try and create that cyclical and seasonal integration.
  • In that mode, try and work with your landscaping services professional to bring in more flowering shrubs and trees for your winter look like garden arbors or pergola. Beautiful and flowing branches with berries can add a certain visual relief and delight to the bleakness of all that whiteness.
  • Finally, you may want to consider cutting out huge swaths of lawn. Americans seem to think that having a beautiful green carpet is the ultimate in creative landscaping. However, if you want to save on water and maintenance, you may want to sprinkle in some landscaped islands to break up the green as well as to save yourself some labor come the summer months.
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