Paver Pool Decks Massachusetts and NH

When building in-ground pools and patios, all soft materials must be removed and a solid base material brought on site. The site work is very important, compaction in layers will firm the pool up and stop sinkholes and washouts from occuring.

Coastal Landscape will first arrange a meeting with clients to discuss ideas, go over the pool placement and any potential problems.

Once on site we will provide you with many wonderful choices in patio pavers and coping stones. The coping is very important and concrete should be used below the coping to provide a solid base. We believe paver stones are the best choice for large pool decks in New England compared to concrete because of the constant freeze and that cycles that can cause concrete and aggregate decks can crack and cause huge problems that take much time and money to repair.

If there are problems with pavers it is a quick fix, not only that but we guarantee our work.

When you choose Coastal Landscape for your paver pool patio you can be sure you have a company that will always keep an open line of communication on a daily basis. This makes sure you the customer gets exactly what they want.