Salisbury landscaping from CoastalWith coming of autumn in New Hampshire will come the additional landscaping preparation needed so that your yard will survive the winter and thrive once more in the coming spring. There is much to do and your local landscaping professional can help you get your yard in shape. There is so much more to do than just tending to the garden areas.

  • One of the areas that need landscaping attention in the autumn is your grass. Now is the perfect time to prepare your lawn for the coming spring. You may want to have your ground soil sampled to see what might be out of balance as well as removing what weeds you can to that your grass will have less competition for water and will have more room to grow.
  • Raking leaves from your yard is a traditional landscaping chore for autumn. Attaching your catch bag to your lawnmower will make this landscaping chore much easier. In addition, giving your lawn a strong and hearty raking will remove much of the thatch that has built up over the year.
  • Fertilizing and seeding in the autumn can be a tricky thing. Bring in your landscaping professional for a complete analysis and recommendation for what will be perfect for your particular lawn. Now is the perfect time for your lawn to accept the benefits of fertilizer so make sure you have a solid plan in place.
  • Remove all of the dead growth from your flower beds and other shrub areas. Leaving that may cause certain diseases. It may, also, be a good time for rototilling your garden beds and even lay on fresh layers of lime. If your soil is in need of lime, the autumn is the best time to do it so it will immediately provide its benefits come the spring.
  • Landscaping your shrubs and bushes for the winter will include covering them or building small slanted wooden roofs over them. Also, tending to that compost pile and putting it to work is an absolute must. Finally, don’t forget to bring in the garden hoses and turn off the valves. Doing so will help prevent pipe bursting over the winter.

There is much landscaping work to be done during the autumn season. Your local landscaping professional can get in there and do what needs doing as well as being there as an experienced and trusted advisor.

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