Rocks and stones have always been a landscaping staple. They have many uses and functions and have long brought a touch of stark beauty to any landscaping project. From the largest of boulders to the smallest of gravels, these natural wonders can add that special touch that can bring lasting beauty and value to your home.

Your professional landscaper knows exactly what types of rock and stone will be most advantageous where. However, for the homeowner, there are many varieties and uses that will help you and your professional landscaper plan that perfect project.

Gravel can be made from just about any type of stone from your beautifully smooth river rock to the most expensive of granite or marble. Gravel, and even larger stone, can be used as walkways and borders. The major advantages to using the gravel is, not only drainage, but the gravel can keep those high traffic areas from looking old and worn out with the passage of time.

Another advantage to bringing in rock and stone in a landscaping project is the functionality they bring to many areas. Retaining walls, as well as meandering pathways between gardens, can bring out that luster and improve the overall quality of a property. Not to mention, of course, the grandeur a rock or stone fireplace or fire pit can add to the ambiance of any yard.

There are, of course, certain challenges that come with using rock and stone. Your professional landscaper knows all of the hazards, as well as the techniques, for getting those stone accents just right. Quite often, a do it yourself project turns into a nightmare because ground was not properly prepared or maintained.

Adding those rock and stone touches to a landscaping project can add value to your home as well as providing many years of aesthetic beauty and enjoyment.

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