Salisbury landscaping from CoastalMany take the time to enhance their landscaping and the condition of their property by shredding leaves. The fall is the best time to prepare your leaves and put them to use all around your property.

  • Shredding your leaves, as your landscaping professional will tell you, can be used as compost or as mulch. The shredding of them, too, makes them much easier to just get rid of if that is what you prefer to do with them. Using a leaf shredder or even your lawnmower will turn those leaves into enhancements.
  • Most people like to use shredded leaves for compost or even mulch around their landscaped areas. The great thing about the shredded leaves is that they are biodegradable and will bring valuable organic matter to your gardens, flowers and trees.
  • The most effective forms of mulch are those that remain porous so that air and water can still reach down and further feed your plant life. Once the rich organic properties of the leaf mulch get down into your soil, you will see new life and new vigor all around you.
  • They will not likely be helpful to you heading into the winter with regard to any annual beds you may have or to put into any vegetable gardens. The shredded leaves will work well, though, if you are just looking for something to prevent soil erosion. Once the spring hits, however, the rich organic leaves will help bring everything to vibrant life.
  • Remember that leaf mulch is just vital compost in the making. Your landscaping professional can help you put the process into motion and be a valuable resource for where it will all work best for you.
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