Salisbury landscaping from CoastalUnderstanding the soil on your property can greatly enhance your abilities to beautify, landscape, and enjoy the abundance that your yard can offer. The most important thing to begin to understand is the types and nature of your soil.

  • Soil, basically, as your landscaper will tell you, will be organic or it will be inorganic. Most of the naturally found soil around, especially that in your own yard or on your property will be inorganic soil. Most of the dirt tends to be composed of crushed rocks that turn into powder and sand. However, when plants and animals die and decay back into the ground, they add nutrients to the inorganic soil so that it becomes organic. Your organic soil now has the ability to feed new plant life.
  • Your soil is layered into three distinct formations. The bottom layer is composed of bedrock and other materials that have somehow migrated to your location. The middle layer contains materials that have come to you via geological disruption and possible glacier movement. The top layer, what you are, normally, working with, is where the organic matter can be found. It is your top layer that is needed to make your plants, flowers, and trees thrive in their environment.
  • Your inorganic soil is vital to the health of your plant life and a mix of both organic and inorganic is recommended by landscapers and others. The inorganic soil, when mixed in, will prevent root systems from being flooded and will provide a great natural drainage system.
  • Some of this organic matter and water will seep down into your second layer. This is highly beneficial as it provides you with a reserve system in case of drought or other severe weather.
  • When your landscaping professional fertilizes your yard, new nutrients are being introduced to stimulate growth. Nitrogen and potassium are two of the major nutrients provided. This is especially important in areas where only inorganic soil exists. It is important to understand how your soil works so that the beauty and harmony you wish to bring to your yard will be assured.
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